Help To Buy

Help To Buy

Quick, safe secure and easy - from JAANOR to your doorstep!

Ask Jaanor to help you purchase the product, without leaving your home. Just click on Help to Buy or Contact Us with the item details, Sellers Name and contact, and we will deliver the item to your doorstep.


When you buy using Help to Buy, you are covered by our Buyer Protection program.

This means that if the delivered item is not as described in the ad, we will replace it for FREE.


How "Help to Buy" works

  1. Search for the item you want to buy, get all the details of the item, a picture, sellers contact and if possible the URL. Then contact us or open a ticket at Customer Support.

2. Jaanor will call you to confirm the message received and you will be directed to pay 70% of the item fee and small delivery fee and we will arrange a delivery time with you. 

  3. Jaanor will deliver the item to your doorstep and take the remaining 30%.

Buyer Protection

4. If the delivered item is not as described in the ad, we will replace it for FREE.


Please Note: Buyer Must Pay full cost of the item or 70% of the Item cost before delivery.


Benefits of Help To Buy

Get items delivered to your doorstep No need to meet strangers Completely safe buyingSell your items risk-freeWe find serious buyers for you Pay only if your item is sold


Seller Guarantees

  • 100% guarantee | we guarantee the value of your items 100% against loss, theft or damage during delivery
  • 100% safety | we have strict procedures in place to ensure the security of your items
  • 100% convenience | once your item has been successfully sold, we will pay you within 24 hours.

Contact us for more information

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